Flexible RFID and proximity solutions


The MULTITOP LEGIC PC/SC card reader is a unique solution for LEGIC technologies when a standardized PC/SC interface is required.
Every smartcard or RFID application which uses the unique serial number according to PCSC 2.01, is now able to access also the proprietary technology of LEGIC advant and LEGIC prime without any further effort.
In order to allow the use of the complete functions set of LEGIC advant and LEGIC prime, a transparent channel is offered by the PC/SC reader driver.In addition to LEGIC, further 13.56 MHz RFID technologies can be used also if the corresponding configuration settings have been implemented.

The MULTITOP LEGIC PC/SC reader is available as either a complete ready-to-connect desktop device in a slim black or white housing (MULTITOP) or as pcb only without housing for direct integration in any application (MULTITOP/PCB).

Therefore, these systems are ideally suited for a wide variety of applications in both automation and security.
Amongst many other applications, this reader with PC/SC interface can be e.g. used for :

  • Single sign-on for ICT-networks
  • Identification
  • ICT access control
  • Workflow management


Technical specifications

    • PC/SC 2.01 standard interface for LEGIC
    • Transparent channel for full command support of LEGIC core chip SM4200
    • Dimensions:
      • with housing : 108 x 65 x 18 mm
      • pcb only : 80 x 56 x 10 mm
    • Frequency range : 13.56 MHz
    • Supported RFID technologies :
      • LEGIC PRIME MIM256/1024
      • LEGIC ATC128/256-MV210
      • LEGIC ATC512-MP110
      • LEGIC ATC1024-MV110
      • LEGIC ATC2048/4096-MP110/MP310/MP311
      • LEGIC AFS4096-JP10/JP11
      • MIFARE Classic 1k/4k
      • MIFARE Ultralight
      • MIFARE Plus
      • MIFARE DESFire EV1
      • ICode
    • Integrated antenna
    • 2 LEDs and buzzer for status indication
    • Temperature range : -25 to +80 °C
    • CE and RoHS

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