Flexible RFID and proximity solutions

Stand-alone access control

A full range of compact stand-alone access control systems. Nothing fancy, nothing complicated, just basic 1-door access control systems to fulfill your needs.


A compact 1-door stand-alone system with integrated reader, antenna, relay and memory for up to 500 users. The PL500 is designed for easy flush mounting in a standard 55mm switchbox, so it will blend in with the surrounding architecture.
Programming the PL500 is done completely via a master card.
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A 2-door access controller with remote readers. Also programmable with master card, this system comes with USB or RS232 interface and logging software to enable the user to keep log of all valid transactions.

A 2000 user memory, 2000 events memory, integrated relays and inputs for egress pushbuttons : this is a very complete, yet easy-to-use system

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A compact 1-door stand-alone system with integrated reader and keypad, antenna, relay and memory for up to 500 users. The PL1000 can be completely programmed with a master card and the built-in keypad.
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An extension on the PL1000 system. The PL3000 is a master/slave system for those applications where an enhanced security level is required. The slave, which is to be mounted in the unsecured area, is just a reader with no intelligence at all. All the controls and intelligence is located in the master unit, which can be installed inside the secured area.

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A compact 1-door stand-alone system, based on MIFARE Technology. The system has an integrated MIFARE reader, keypad, antenna, relay, memory for up to 9999 users, and RS232 interface. The ProxKey-MF can be completely configured over a standard terminal software such as Hyperterminal. Alternatively the built-in keypad can be used for adding or deleting cards.
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