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The PREMIUM offers a combination of modern design with high specs and versatility. The PREMIUM reader is available in 4 versions :

  • PREMIUM-EM : a 125 kHz reader, supporting transponder types EM4x02, Hitag 2 in Public Mode A, TEMIC e5550 and equivalent devices.
  • PREMIUM-H : a 125 kHz reader supporting HID Prox transponders
  • PREMIUM-MF : a 13,56 MHZ MIFARE® UID reader supporting MIFARE, MIFARE Ultralight, MIFARE DESFire and NFC
  • PREMIUM-MFS : a 13,56 MHz MIFARE Sector reader allowing full access to all sectors on the MIFARE transponder.
  • PREMIUM-V : a modified version of the PREMIUM-EM or PREMIUM-MF, especially designed for vehicle mounting

The user can freely select between up to 17 interfaces, which can be set by an integrated DIP-switch, or for the MIFARE Sector reader, the reader interface can be freely set by the Master Card. Due to the fully potted housing, the reader can be installed both indoors and outdoors. A three-colour LED indication and audible tone enhance user feedback. Both beeper and LED’s can be controlled by the host system.

PREMIUM readers can also be supplied in an ATEX certified housing.

The ATEX RFID reader range is a series of 125 kHz and 13.56 MHz RFID card readers according to ATEX II 2 G/Ex db IIC T6 Gb and ATEX II 2 D/Ex tb IIIC T85°C IP66 standard.
These ATEX readers are explosion proof RFID card readers and can be used for example in tank terminal areas or any other area which has ATEX classified zones.

The ATEX reader range consists of an ATEX rated heavy duty aluminum epoxy coated casting with a chemical resistant viewing window and can be equipped with a PREMIUM reader for MIFARE® and NFC UID, MIFARE® R/W, EM4200/Atmel 5577 or HID Prox® 26-37bit and a wide selection of data interfaces.

Technical specifications PREMIUM reader

    • Dimensions: 89 x 45 x 16 mm, optional spacer plate 89 x 45 x 7 mm ( supplied with each reader )
    • Supported transponder types
      • on 125 kHz : 40 bit read only transponders (EM4x02 family, HiTag2 Public Mode A, TEMIC e5550 and equivalent)
      • on 13,56 MHz : MIFARE® Std, MIFARE® Ultralight, MIFARE® DESFire, MIFARE® PLUS S, MIFARE® PLUS X (Contactless interface as per spec ISO/IEC 14443 Type A); NFC Passive mode (NTAG203/213)
    • Interface: DIP-switch selectable ( or selectable with Master Card for PREMIUM-MFS )
      • Wiegand (42 bits, 34 bits or 26 bits)
      • on PREMIUM-MF only : Wiegand 58 bits to output complete UID of MIFARE® DESFire and MIFARE® Ultralight
      • Standard Clock & Data (13, 10, 9 or 8 characters)
      • on PREMIUM-MF only : Basic Clock & Data (56 bits) to output complete UID of MIFARE® DESFire and MIFARE® Ultralight
      • RS232 (9600, 4800 or 2400 Bd)
      • TTL (9600, 4800 or 2400 Bd)
      • RS485 (requires special version of the reader)
      • customer specific interfaces available on request
    • Read range with internal antenna ( values depending on transponder types, power supply and ambient environment )
      • on 125 kHz up to 175 mm
      • on 13,56 MHz up to 60 mm
    • Power supply : 5 Vdc to 13,8 Vdc / 100 mA typ.
    • Indications : 3 LED’s ( red / yellow / green ) + buzzer
    • Wiring : 10-wire cable ( approx. 1 m long )
    • Protection rate : IP65 ( depending on mounting method )
    • Operating temperature : -20 °C to + 60 °C
    • Integrated antenna and electronics
    • Fully potted housing allows easy installation both in- as outdoor

Technical specifications ATEX enclosure

    • Dimensions : 160 x 131 x 160 mm ( additional screw connection )
    • Weight : 2140 g
    • ATEX certified : ATEX II 2 G/Ex db IIC T6 Gb and ATEX II 2 D/Ex tb IIIC T85°C IP66

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More about PREMIUM readers 

The well-designed PREMIUM range of RFID card readers is available for 125 kHz EM4102 or HID Prox as well as for 13,56 Mhz MIFARE® technology. The PREMIUM RFID reader has different standard data interfaces already integrated, which can easily be selected by simply setting a DIP-switch. For MIFARE, 2 options are available : MIFARE UID only or MIFARE Sector reading with full access to all sectors.
PREMIUM MIFARE supports the complete MIFARE family : Classic 1k/4k, DESFire, Ultralight, Ultralight/C, Plus S/X and NFC.
Our PREMIUM RFID readers are famous for their nice design, superior performance, excellent application versatility and competitive prices.