Flexible RFID and proximity solutions


The COMPACT module is an extremely small-sized contactless module, especially developed for integration in third parties terminals.
The COMPACT module is available for both 125 kHz ( EM or HITAG ) and 13,56 MHz ( MIFARE or Legic ) and can be supplied with a wide variety of data interfaces, such as Wiegand, Clock&Data and RS232 TTL.
Available versions:

  • COMPACT-EM : a 125 KHz module for EM4x02 transponders
  • COMPACT-HT : a 125 KHz module for Hitag transponders
  • COMPACT-MF : a 13,56 MHz module for MIFARE transponders
  • COMPACT-LG : a 13,56 MHz module for Legic transponders

All these module types can be supplied with a wide selection of different data interfaces, such as various Wiegand, Clock&Data and RS232 TTL outputs, or customer specific interfaces.


Technical specifications

  • Dimensions: 31 x 25 x 6 mm
  • Available for EM4x02, Hitag, MIFARE or Legic technology
  • All COMPACT modules are pin-compatible
  • Interface: to be specified when ordering
    • Wiegand D0/D1 (TTL levels) (several bitblock lengths available)
    • Clock & Data (TTL levels) (several number of characters available)
    • TTL (9600, 4800 or 2400 Bd) Asynchronous serial (RxD, TxD)
    • RS232 or RS485 available over external driver (not included) (DE-signal for RS485 drivers is available)
    • customer specific interfaces available on request
  • External antenna ( wired antenna for 125 kHz modules, etched pcb antenna for 13,56 MHz modules )
  • Read range with standard antenna (values depending on transponder types, power supply and ambient environment)
    • on 125 kHz up to 100 mm
    • on 13,56 MHz up to 80 mm
  • Power supply: 5 Vdc ± 5%
  • I/O ports available for customer-specific requirements
  • Duplicate read control
  • Temperature range: -20°C to + 60°C
  • A standard external antenna is supplied with each module

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