Flexible RFID and proximity solutions

ProxTech International

ProxTech offers various RFID and proximity solutions.

Our company’s strategy is very straightforward: We offer our customers all read-only and read/write systems, as well as a full range of transponders, all from one supplier.

ProxTech is one of the few companies offering solutions in MIFARE®, Legic®, NFC, I-code, Hitag™ 1, Hitag™ 2 and random pre-encoded technology (EM4102 read-only).

Located in the center of Europe (Belgium), we are able to supply on a wordwide basis.

Flexible RFID and proximity technology

Benefit from the flexibility of working with a small business partner.
Our RFID and proximity solutions are highly flexible, to suit all of our client’s needs.

Development, production and sales of identification systems all take place in our own R&D laboratories, by highly qualified and specialized engineers. Offering a timely and professional adaptation of our products to suit the demands of our clients.

 Our products

02/2019: COMPACT-ISO is the newest member of our COMPACT family, supporting ISO14443A, ISO15693 and NFC.

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