Flexible RFID and proximity solutions


PT-Lock : The revolution in keyless locking!

PT-Lock turns your mechanical door lock cylinder into a fully operational RFID access control system.
The RFID reader, completely integrated in the lock handle, will read the data from a presented tag and compares this with the data in its internal memory. If the tag is valid, the door lock will be activated and the user can open / close the door by turning the door knob. Otherwise, access will simply be refused.
Now no more hassle with different keys, you just program the persons that can enter a room into the lock and it’s done.
PT-Lock is available for various transponder technologies :

  • PT-Lock-EM : a 125 kHz RFID cylinder, supporting transponder types EM4x02, Hitag 2 in Public Mode A, TEMIC e5550 and equivalent devices.
  • PT-Lock-MF : a 13,56 MHZ MIFARE (1k / 4k) RFID cylinder


Technical specifications

  • Euro-profile (EM1303) electronic cylinder with integrated RFID and control electronics
  • Supported transponder types
    • 125 KHz EM4102 or compatible
    • 13.56MHz MIFARE (1K/4K)
    • Others are available upon requests
    • Transponder reading distance : up to 30 mm, depending on transponder type used and environmental conditions
  • Power Supply : 3,6V lithium battery, standard ½ AA
  • Electronically activated coupling mechanism to couple the outside knob to the locking mechanism when a valid transponder is presented
  • Current consumption
    • Stand-by : < 20µA
    • Operating : < 40mA
  • Battery life : standby 3 years or 30.000 operations
  • Smart Sleep Mode : increases battery life
  • Acoustic Low Power Warning
  • External emergency power supply for flat battery available as option
  • Memory capacity : up to 100 users
  • Auto-learn mode for programming of key-cards, no need for complicated computer software
  • Cylinder Size : 30/30 up to 70/70 mm (standard 30/30 mm)
    • increasing in 5mm increments
    • other sizes upon request
  • Protection rate : for indoor use only. Optionally an IP54 version can be supplied on request.

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